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Capybara + Bar + Brewery
We love craft beer, family, and capybara cuteness. We are excited for you to experience our handcrafted recipies and join the Capy family!
260 Alameda Dr. Palo Alto, CA
Mon - Fri
10 am - 5 pm
2 - 5 pm
NEW Arrival:
Sour Plum
Plums are delicious and sour plums are even more delicious. This beer brings together sweet, sour, and fruity in a delicious pale ale. Made with 100% organic plums.
NEW Arrival:
Smoked Log on a
Friday Night
Just chillin' with your capypals on a friday night. Nothing much here but the faint buzz of a firefly, the crackle of flames, and the sweet scent of a toasty mashmallow. Much like that scene, this beer will make you feel at home among nature.